Medical Tourism Malaysia has provided award-winning healthcare facilities to over 4.9 million medical travellers from all over the world. Reigning as the ‘Destination of the Year’ by the International Medical Tourism journal for 3 consecutive years, we are committed to create and ensure an exceptional healthcare destination experience with limitless possibilities and exceptional quality catered to your needs.

Medical Travel Companion

Medical Tourism Malaysia / Medical Travel Companion


Leave your worries behind when you request for a qualified and experienced travel companion to facilitate all your travel necessities. Our partner, Medical Travel Companions, offers a premium service that creates independence for travellers. Enjoy a stress-free journey with nurses and paramedics who provide friendly, caring assistance for your peace of mind.

These services also include wheelchair assistance, assisting parents with feeding and mealtimes for their children, medical supervision, facilitating immigration clearance and much more. Medical Travel Companions take limited clinical responsibility and can administer prescribed medicines as set out in the terms and conditions.

Qualified and experienced companions provide peace of mind and support for customers in transit, flight or full concierge services for:

  • The elderly
  • Families
  • Children
  • Travellers with disabilities
  • Groups
  • Individuals recovering from surgery or injury
  • Individuals who need assistance or companionship.

Why choose Travel Companions:

  • Practical solutions for travellers who require a professional to assistance
  • Experienced staff available for local or international travel
  • Fully qualified health professionals as medical travel companions
  • All companions have undertaken a rigorous selection and credentialing process

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